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As a private label manufacturer and R&D specialist, McConnell Labs is dedicated to advancing polymer technologies using UV and LED cured advancements.  UV cured polymer materials can be utilized in a plethora of fields including but not limited to: fingernail enhancements, and coatings for fabric, wood, concrete and metal.  The advantages of the use of UV cured resins is lower or no volatile organic compounds, UV discoloration resistance, ease of handling, and the ability to combine various resin structures to achieve the benefits of epoxy and urethane or acrylic materials in one system.

McConnell Labs has extensive formulation experience in all forms of polymer technology ranging from plural component polyurethanes, polyureas and epoxy systems as well as single component moisture cure polyurethanes and polysilanes. McConnell Labs can bring all of this experience to your company in an effort to increase your business and technical expertise.

UV cure technology is currently utilized in windshield repair, fingernail enhancement systems, printing inks, concrete, wood and steel coatings as well as roll coatings.  McConnell Labs has been producing UV cured systems since 1997 and has become a leader in specialized coating systems that use UV light to polymerize the system into a polymer.

Jim McConnell is president of McConnell Labs and has been a leader in UV cured technology for over a decade.  Jim has his degree from the University of Oregon in Chemistry graduating in 1986. Jim entered the polymer field in 1988 working the wood products industry making two component polyurethane systems for repairing plywood. Jim continued to work in polymers when he formulated polyurethane repair materials for railroad ties, spray in place truck bed liners, concrete coatings and steel coatings. Jim began formulating UV cured systems in 1997 and has been extending his research skills into other various segments of the polymer industry.